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D. Mockus (2016)

D. Mockus. Pakilimo pradžiamokslis.pdf

D. Mockus. Tiesos debilams.pdf

D. Mockus. Anapus vaizdo ir veiksmo.pdf

D. Mockus. Visas žmogaus spektras.pdf

D. Mockus. Psichožvalgyba.pdf

Sąmonės teorijos prezentacija

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 1 tomas

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 2 tomas

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 3 tomas


J. Radovičius “Sekimas: asmeninis liudijimas“ (2015)

J. Radovičius_Sekimas: asmeninis liudijimas


R. Duncan “The Matrix deciphered“

1_Title page

2_Bio of Author



5_History and Background

6_Lured by the Sirens of Truth

7_An Eye Upon You

8_The Psychology of Deception

9_Reign of Terror

10_Psychological Experimentation Cover-Up

11_Inside the Minds of Monsters

12_Putting it in Perspective

13_Hyper Geeking

14_The Psychology of MKULTRA Programs

15_Justice Denied

16_Anti-psychotronic theories

17_Next Gen Psychic Warfare

18_Entrainment Disruptors

19_Portable Bioelectric Field Scramblers

20_The Promised Land

21_Basic Hardware Architecture

22_Stop the Machine

23_The Final Destination


Jim Keith “Mind Control, World Control“

Chapter 1_Things to Come

Chapter 2_Lodge Brothers

Chapter 3_’Psyche’ out of Psychology

Chapter 4_Hey Teacher

Chapter 5_Tavistock

Chapter 6_Shocktroops

Chapter 7_OSS Origins

Chapter 8_Grey Eminence

Chapter 9_Enter the CIA

Chapter 10_Coming on to LSD