Elements of the historical process

(A chapter from my book “The Day of Angels“, translated by Google Translate.)

The sigil of history at this stage is the main tool for modeling reality, first described in the volume of The Eye of the Dragon, but it is not exhausted and is suitable for further work. As you may recall, it consists of two horizontally connected letters U, where there is a segment of life at the center of the intersection, and two opposite directions running from the center: to transcendence and to history. The issues of transcendence and metaphysics have already been addressed, and it is now possible to dwell on the model of social order developed by the institutions that shape the historical process. It is clear that history manifests itself as a natural change of generations in a life process that continues in reality from the past to the future, with life revolving in a circle – from depth to surface and again from surface to depth. Another way of manifesting history is as an artificial construct that models it as being an infinite mathematical line, which comes from infinity and goes to infinity. This line of time is an abstraction created in the continuum, combined with a chronology detached from metaphysical reality, shrouded in the cloak of a historical narrative. Such a history is institutionalized and it always reflects some kind of civilization project in the local area. Life is essentially ahistorical, and history is an implant implanted by institutions using a linguistic substrate. However, the main theme of this chapter is not the history itself, but the social order it implements, which has five different components, as shown in the figure.

The main constituent, which is at the intersection of the two horizontal U in the sigil of history, is the society, the nation, the vital process marked 1. The survival of each community is the provision of material goods created by work. The organization of work in developed societies is carried out within the framework of the economic order. It is marked with the number 3 in the picture. The number 5 indicates the part of the technology that plays an important role in the development of the social order and is the result of mental and economic activity. And the last, segment 2, is politics, the political organization that organizes all the other factors is the power that sets the framework for all of them. This scheme is divided into a lower and an upper part, a nation and a state, which interact through intermediate parts: spiritual / mental institutions, economic activities and technical means.

The current social order using this scheme can be defined as transhumanism, which uses a certain defined concept in all segments. Those concepts are worded as follows:

1) society – collectivism, progress,

2) government – transhumanism,

3) economics – capitalism,

4) church – scientism,

5) technology – internet of people and things.

Some of the statements may be difficult to accept, especially given the relatively liberal policies and alleged individualism that run counter to the principle of collectivism. However, looking at segment 5, we see that collectivism is not being created in the old style, but in the new, such as social networks and the internet, which can be of things and people. Everyone is connected to the network, if you are not online, you fall out of the world of telehominids. The goal of transhumanist policy is to implement the latest technologies as quickly as possible, to create artificial ecosystems of technology, to develop IoT for network management, to reduce the scope of freedom, to tie everyone to technology and to enslave them. Science as a church and a high-tech economy are the main means.

How do esoteric movements, which have turned away from transcendence and aspire to become the main controlling institution of history, albeit in a semi-playful variant, function and adapt in this environment? As an example, quite popular in the United States, is LaVey’s Church of Satan, whose founding text is The Satanic Bible. The ideology of this movement must first be discussed according to the logic of history, in which they are clearly the product of a modern atheistic world that turns away from transcendence into history, does not recognize metaphysics and theology, and is a variant of atheistic satanism. Their purpose is to combat the expansion of the Christian church in history, using parody and mimicry, and promoting a return to this side of life, materialism, and individualism. The main concepts according to the social order model are as follows:

1) society – individualism, hedonism, materialism, strong personality;

2) power – elitism;

3) economics – capitalism, stratification;

4) church – atheistic satanism, science;

5) technology – magic, control technique.

Some archaic forms – like the use of a mythical character, the symbol of Satan, black masses, theatrical rituals, magic – are just a cover, a performance that masks a turn away from transcendence, complete historicalization, immersion in the sensuality and materialism of the vital process. There are three kinds of magic: inner magic – in other words, personality development; external magic – organization of people using psychological and technical means, information warfare; and eonic magic is a culture and propaganda that aims to change the structures of the psychovector at the level of civilization. It uses creativity, performances, shows, information warfare, psychological operations, mind control, propaganda, and so on. The goal of the Church of Satan is competition with global religions, planetary expansion using the model described above. Satanists of this orientation do not promote the fallout from the historical process, do not have monasteries, seek to infiltrate educational institutions, gain state recognition. Magic is not metaphysical, but secular: more euphemism, replacing the words “propaganda war“, “psychological operation“, “mind control.“

Another example is my personal model, which is one of the variants of philognosis (as long as I am the only member – the main one). What are the main points of the social order I am promoting has been mentioned in many places. Here you can combine everything into one whole and try to do a comparative analysis with other models. The ideas are:

1) society – individualism, development,

2) power – liberalism,

3) economy – sharing economy, resource socialism;

4) church – philognosis, synthesis of civilizations,

5) technology – colchid technology, antitranshumanism.

Taking the lower, social layer, my goal is to remove a person from the social ballast that restricts the mind and action, in which the personality of a person is leveled, activity is inhibited, abilities and the quality of consciousness are degraded. Particularly favorable conditions were created for the development of computers and communication networks, the opening up of archives and libraries, and the creation of conditions for unrestricted self-education and personal development. In such a world, dullness, darkness and low intelligence are not authorities, more and more people are freed from mass consciousness, collectivism. Political ideology is liberalism, the aim of which is to liberate man from oppression, backwardness, darkness, to create conditions for creation and creation in the modern state. In economic activity, I adhere to the principle of ‘sharing is caring’, in other words, the socialism of resources, based on the logic that reality is not anyone’s property and that resources must be shared fairly so that everyone can live and create. This does not mean complete equality, but the extreme expropriation and monopolization of resources, where almost everyone who is willing and able is robbed, is unacceptable. In the spiritual / mental part, the main idea is the doctrine of philognosis, which gives man the freedom to create and know reality, to organize spiritual, esoteric and occult movements that can be turned to both history and eternity. However, the main structure should be a white dragon civilization, the goal of which is to reveal the secrets of the hypostrat and to use it for technological purposes at a reasonable level. And the last, fifth question is technology. Philognosis in a general sense does not exclude technology, but is against collectivization, social networks, the Internet of Things and people, AI, psychotronics, and so on. The basic concept of the technical social order is the colchid principle, that is, protecting freedom, privacy and individualism by abandoning the cyborgisation, connection to data centers, invasive, privacy-infringing networks, mega AI, intracorporeal devices. If AI is recognized, it is only individual, non-networked, uncontrolled, not a higher authority than a person, and so on.

Standing at the central intersection of the sigil of history, in the very center, is considered the best option for man, where he does not completely get out of history, immersing himself in metaphysics and mysticism, in an individual or communal way, but does not become a useful idiot in the historical process wasting opportunities of personal life, in the left sided way in the picture, by accumulating wealth, or right sided way by mental / spiritual aspirations. Living a life for yourself and your loved ones without losing the main landmarks of the philosophy of life is the wisest life strategy. This is achieved by properly balancing national, historical, and civilizational personalities with ahistorical primordial psychology that is a real person beyond words, not lost in ideological rubbish and metaphysical and globalistic delusions.

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